Vivienne Marcheline Grimaldi
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I thought my life would be perfect. I was a daughter of a Regent, engaged to a young, handsome Prince. Rainier was perfect, everything you could ever ask for in a man. He's smart and powerful, and he had this kind of charm that made everyone liked him. He was also a loving and caring boyfriend, and I've always loved his presence.

Finally it was the day I was waiting for. We were going to get married. Everything was set perfectly, I was in my room getting ready for the married, when I heard loud noises. I ran outside and I saw the most horrible scene. Everyone outside my rooms are slaughterd, brutally. A pile of guards lying on the floor, lifeless, next to a big pool of blood.

I was very scared, then my maid came. She grabbed my hand and pulled me out of the house, into a deep forest. She told me what happened, Rainier had made a deal with the Devil. And the Devil had came to collect it.

To put things simply, Rainier offered me in exchange of powers. Supernatural powers, to be exact. He offered... me. My body, my soul, my

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Vital Statistics
Gender Female
Born November 22, 1991
Family -
Status Alive, 20
Eye Colour Gray
Hair Colour Brown
Height 5'7
Affiliation Paranormal Investigation Bureau
Weapons WIP
Home WIP
Relationship None
Enemies None

life. He thought that our marriage made me more than his wife, he thought it made me his property, so that he has the right over ME. I was furious. I felt betrayed, by a man I honestly loved, and also at the same time I'm embarassed, that I've ever love that kind of man.

I ran off into the forest, alone. It wasn't long for the beast to find me. I don't want to die. Hell, I'm not going to die so some bastard could gain powers. So I made him an offer he could not refused. I offered him Rainier's life and soul. And I offered my virginity.

I killed Rainier with my own hands. He acted surprised that I was alive. Oh yes, he tried to kill me. But he was no match for my new powers.

So here I am. A few weeks ago Mordecai found me. He asked me to join PIB. Seeing this as a new purpose for me, and a way to get out of Monaco, I agreed. Now I live a new life, far away from Monaco, far away from my old, wretched life. Now I, Vivienne Grimaldi, am a free woman.






She masters Photokinesis, the ability to control and manipulate lights, she got this in exchange of her groom's life. This ability works best at day. She also masters Umbrakinesis, which she traded with her virginity. The ability works best at night.