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Sara Beckett
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Important Information
Gender Female
Family None that are alive
Status Single, 18
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Black
Height 5,7
Affiliation PIB, Myself.
Weapons Don't need any.
Class Visionary
Home PIB, Toronto Canada.

This character is an Visionary.


I was born to two normal people, Nicholas Beckett and Liz Beckett. Our family had been known to have Visionaries but over the years, this was believed to be just a mythical joke. My life was fairly normal, I used to sometimes have dreams of certain things happening like where my lost teddy bear was. When I was 14, thats when things started going really weird. I had a vision of a fire happening at my house, I thought nothing of it and tried to concetrate on my school work. But I came home to find many firemen outside my now burnt home, my father was still alive though. He was in hospital fighting for his life, I went to visit him and he told me about Visionaries. How they were real and how I was one too. My father died that night, I inherited his pendant. It was called The Eye, it had been in our family for generations according to my father's will. I lived with grandmother who helped me learn my powers, then when I was 18 I was recruited by the PIB.


She is quite friendly to most people, but she is shy and will only speak if she's been spoken to. She is loyal and respects her friends, she hates being lied to and doesn't forgive easily. If threatened she is very violent and will do anything possible to protect herself and others.


Name Relation Feelings
Liz Beckett Mother She misses her, but wasn't very close to her though.
Nicholas Beckett Father She misses him the most as she was very close to him.
Zoran McTear Friend She likes him much more than a friend but it is too shy and nervous to admit it.


  • Clairvoyance
  • Premonition
  • Superhuman reaction time, reflexes and movement speed
  • Empathy


An pendant necklance, called The Eye. Sara has recently discovered that it is the eye of the first Visionary of the family.

An diary filled with most of the visions she can remember.

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