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Rosalind Ashwood
You ve heard it all before by Fairystories
Important Information
Gender Female
Family Deceased Husband
Status Immortal
Eye Color Green
Hair Color Blonde
Height 5"7
Affiliation Unknown
Weapons Unknown
Class Vampire
Home Los Angeles


I was around 18 when I was bitten. I had just been married off to an 'up-and-coming' farmer, who decided that right after we got married, we should move out to Califoria, the recently added terriorty, since the land was cheap. He started to push this idea even more when in 1848 gold was found. He gathered up all of our belongings, put us on a boat, and so began our three month sail around South America to reach the other side of the United States. By the time we were finally there, the gold rush was in full swing. My husband stayed around long enough to stick me in some shabby house located in some boom town, then he ran off to build our fortune. I never saw him
Something radiates by Fairystories
again after that. Some vampire had been living in the town, drinking off the growing population and having the deaths be blamed on the constant brawls and fights of the in-town miners. He changed me, and I stayed around with him for a while until I got a hang of the ropes and left. Most of that time I spent wandering, feeding on random strangers. Then around 2009, I returned to California, around Los Angeles to be extact, I was scouted to be a model and did that for a few years before being scouted by PIB


Her seeming angelic looks are the perfect cover for her true self. With her frosty pale skin, fair blonde hair, and pale green eyes; Who would suspect that she is really undead? Her long, lean build hides her true powers deep within, and she appears to be rather frail from the outside. Though she may look the part of an Angel, I would not suggest making the mistake of calling her one or thinking her one.


She's like most vampires who have lived through tough times, fairly adept at lying, cheating, stealing, destroying, or anything that causes some kind of commotion. But she's not innately evil. She maybe manip
The world on fire by Fairystories
ulative and harsh, but she lacks the real evil exterior that most vampires seem too have. Although if you break a deal with her, it is advisable for you to run.


  • Superhuman Strength
  • Superhuman Speed and Agility
  • Superior Stamina
  • Superhuman Endurance/Toughness
  • Enhanced Vision