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Paranormal Investigation Bureau

This RP wiki revolves around an organization called the Paranormal Investigation Bureau. Users make their own characters that would be agents in this organization, investigating the paranormal as well as hunting down malicious creatures from urban legends and what have you. Please read our policies.

Getting Started

To begin your roleplaying here, first take a look at the guide. When you have a general understanding of what to do , proceed here to Orientation 


As with any wiki, we have rules here.And these rules will be enforced. Failure to adhere to our policies will result i punishment in accordance to the policies. A list of our policies can be found here .


We have just recently become fully-functional and are still in the process of polishing things to make it look all shiny and whathave you. That being the case,there aren't any announcements at the moment. Though as they caome they will be placed here.



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