Maxine Dayton
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I, Maxine Kara Leigh Dayton, was born and raised in New Orleans to a famous realtor and a very superstitious mother. Me and my older brother Andrew were raised hearing Norse myths of ghosts and magical beings by mother, whose family was originally from Iceland; but I never knew of the tales that were recorded in my father's Brazilian history, for he was practically gone all the time. I was so fascinated, I decided to study more about it: Greek, Roman, Egyptian, Aztec... you name it, I've probably mastered it. After finishing school, I decided to travel the world for a bit and observe the cultures, just to add more dimension and information to the already extensive knowledge I had. Right after I turned 19, I was contacted by the PIB and was instantly recruited.

Most people say I am a studious girl, yet they do not know how my story actually goes: in my freshman year, my mother gave her life to malaria, and my great-grandmother took care of us instead. My father was diagnosed with colon cancer, and recently is going through chemotherapy. I am not close to my father, for he shunned me for possessing magical abilities. Funny for him to say, they say he is descended from an iara, a Brazilian siren of the sort.

As far as personality goes, I am a patient person... and a very curious one as well. You may see me around researching about Indian folklore or Welsh beasts. I do not like to be disturbed unless it is very urgent business, and I am a very good listener, especially if it is in my interest. I am not one to list favorites, but I enjoy aboriginal myths the most. Something is just so interesting about them.

Maxine Dayton
Vital Statistics
Gender Female
Born 8 September, 1992

Alicia La Roux (mother)
Christopher Dayton (father)
Andrew Dayton (older brother)

Status Alive
Eye Colour Grey
Hair Colour Blond
Height 5' 8"
Affiliation PIB
Weapons Powers
Home New Orleans, LA
Friends/Allies -
Enemies -






  • Ability to control fire: melt, create, summon
  • Ability to control ice (but not water): freeze, create, summon
  • Can cast spells
  • Can brew potions
  • Innate ability to track and find the paranormal



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