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This character is a Lycan.

Joshua Collins
Modern Frankenstein
Important Information
Gender Male
Family He is an artificial life form, he has no family
Status Alive, Immortal
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Black
Height 6'0"
Affiliation PIB
Weapons His own powers
Class Lycan
Home PIB Headquarters


Josh has mood swings, at some times he's shy,and socially incompetent. At other times he's raging, fuming, and angry.


Josh is not real. He is an artificial life made to be a servant to the Russian government to help the Soviet Union rejoin and rule. But, it all went wrong. I'll begin his story the day of his death. Josh WAS real. He was born to a nice family in Russia, 1924. He lived a nice life until he was drafted into the army to fight in WW2. They drafted and trained him and, because of his Lycan abilities, his scores were higher than ever recorded and he was a powerhouse in combat. They took him OUT of combat and drafted him into their spy unit. There he was tested for fitness and was to soon be tested for even more physical enhancement. But ,the US had sent an agent under cover into the russian base, and the agent killed him. He died, but by then, the US and Russia were beginning to fight Germany together. They decided they might have use for Josh someday, so they froze him in time, preserving his body in pristine condition until they again had use for him. He stayed, his mental and physical state undetiorating or even changing for 60 years. Then, in 2002, they unearthed him. They used science to re-create and polish him. They enhanced his abilities even more, and equipped him with powerful artifacts and weapons. But hecould feel it. The needles injecting his blood with foreign substances, the scientists probing him, every detail. It drove him mad. And one day, he snapped. He broke his chains and went on a rampage through his facility. He destroyed it completely, leaving no trace. He wandered for years causing destruction. But, 7 years later in 2009 while he was back at home, he ran into a paranormal being. He attacked it and there was a full-out war between him and his opponent. He won, but the result was the Tunguska event. That event set off the PIB and they found him. He has been at PIB for ywo years now.


Josh uses various artifacts and is using none right now/