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    • Tamas Martin
    • The Ice tattoo on his hip
    • Tamas' enchanted notepad
    Name: Tamas Martin
  1. Age: 18, Born 12 March 1993
  2. Gender: Male
  3. Personality:
  4. Class/Race: Contractor
  5. Powers: In return for his speech he got the power to create/manipulate ice, when he got this power he obtained an ice dragon tattoo on his Hip
  6. History: Tamas or Tam was born to Stuart and Fiona Martin. He was born in Halifax, Canada. His Mother died during a terrible car accident and his Dad sustained a near fatal spinal injury when he was only. Tam was taken into care. In the care where his resided he met a young witch who was educated in the paranormal. She tutored Tamas in magic although he could never use it. The young witch took pity on him and lead him to a more powerful magic user in the city. Tamas had the hidden desire to avenge his parents, he sought out this powerful witch and asked for his guidence, the witch being similarly twisted in mind to Tam, he offered him a contract to do what he promised, avenge his parents. At the moment the contract was signed he realised what avenging his parents would do. Thoughts whizzed through Tam's mind, What if the driver of the other car was a father, a husband, a brother, a son ect. It was to late to take the contract back, so he vowed to use it for good. He journey back to the care home and lived there in relative prosperity. When they were bothe 17 Tam and the young witch left the care home to travel the world, a dream which they would never fulfill. They mad it to neww your before being pick up by an agent for the PIB
  7. Possessions: A Pisces pendant that can sense violent intent. A magical notepad which writes what he wants to say, it was a gift form the young witch he met in the care home.

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