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Name: Narcissa Arceli
A Forest II by B Kunst

Age: 20

Gender: Female

Family: Altan Arcelia (father), Chryseis Arceli (mother)


Class: Mystic


History: Narcissa was born to Altan and Chryseis Arceli. Her mother was descended from a line of witches, and her father was a blacksmith. She was born with her eyes closed, and she didn't open them until her mother finally used magic to coax them open. As a result, her eyes turned an unnatural shade of green.

When Narcissa turned five years old, Altan died in an unnatural fire. A few years later, her mother remarried. Her stepfather, Gabriel Angelioletto, was a Saviour. When Narcissa was eight, on of her mother's spells went horribly wrong. It backfired on her, killing Chryseis and causing Narcissa to become blind. Her magic emerged soon after she lost her sight. Her stepfather trained her in the use of her magic until she was sixteen, when he deemed that she was ready to go out into the world.

Narcissa left home and traveled around the world, eventually ending up in Los Angeles. She made a living for creating and selling magical artifacts. Her skills eventually caught the eye of an investigator, who drafted her into the PIB.



  • Can create and control Magical artifacts
  • Can Thether artifacts to individuals
  • Can break soul-bonds on artefacts


Posessions/Magical Artifacts:

  • A set of marbles, which are imbued with magic. She stores her power in them, as well as using them as weapons
  • A silver ring, which she has thethered her soul to.

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