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Name: Lexi Macgyver


Appearance: She has long black hair, and brown eyes. She is five feet eight 

Personality: Lexi is an adventures, imaginitive, assertive, and confident. She 
is defenitly known for her firey temper. If crossed she will defintly show
her enemies who is boss. To her freinds she is loyal, chraming, and a 
person who they can depend on. Most of all she is brillant young woman, who 
is enjoys science, and engineering.

History: Before Lexi was born her parents who had trouble conseiving, decided 
to try alternative mean of creating a baby and eventualy suceeding through
Artificial Insemniation. Both of her parents in the past were apart of 
Paranormal Investigation before retiring. A few week after her biological dad
was ran over by a car, that did kill him instantly. When she was born her mom 
died  during childbirth. She was then adopted by couple who were scientists.
By the time she was older when her power over fire, and electricity manifested,
her adopted parents thenconsidering her a pryomanic, and schizophrenia and 
expecially when she told them that she was a witch. They send her to an insane
asylum, where she was abused and beaten. Recently she was rescued by the PIB but
not before meeting three other witch who are still missing.

Artifact: Firy sword

Powers: She has all the typical powers of a witch. Besides this she has pryokinesis

power over something is very vague, too vvague, even. also Power over fire and electricity is 2 powers, pick one or the other. "Beware the man that hunts monsters, for that he might become one"- Lott-Lotto 15:13, October 17, 2011 (UTC)

fair enough "Beware the man that hunts monsters, for that he might become one"- Lott-Lotto 02:32, October 18, 2011 (UTC)

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