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This character is an Animate.

Ever Dark
The Lost One
Important Information
Gender female
Family Unknown
Status Alive, 19
Eye Color white-silver
Hair Color black
Height 5'7
Affiliation Paranormal Investigation Bureau
Weapons None
Class Animate
Home PIB

Basic InfoEdit

Name: Ever Dark

Age: Physically 19

Class: Animate


Ever is very curious. Because of her memory loss, she does not know much about the world. This makes her ask a lot of questions. When Ever is not asking questions, she often has a sad look of longing in her eyes. She does not laugh at most jokes as she does not get them. Ever doesnt have many friends yet but the few she does have, she treasures.


I don't remember much of my past. Certain things come to me now and then, like my name. I remember waking up at the PIB and having no idea about anything about me. My name, my age and my history...Nothing came to me. A savior, Zylaena, said I was a..a...Animate. She said taht I was dead but she and a witch has saved me. She didn't say why..She just left it at that. Then she explained the PIB. How I could join....What would you do if you had no memory? Obviously join...So I did......My name is Ever Dark, I have only just remembered that and a few other details, and I am a member of the PIB.


A single black diamond ring.............Nothing special.