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Saviours are Human Agents. Saviours are born from humans when too many people have died. The life energy collects and the power is imbued into unborn children. Saviours are born, unknowing of their power and discover their abilities at a young age. Until they do so, their wings are hidden. Their power comes from their own life energy that resides within them. They are some of the most rare due to the magical properities. They have bird-like wings on their backs. Usually, they have angelic symbols tattoed onto their hands, arms and backs. Their abilities are limited to their energy levels, though the levels are usually high. They can sense Daemons and Witches easily and rarely can detect Occultists. They are used to heal the sick and wounded. They do not die easily, as they are healers, but when they do, their power or what's left of it, is collected with other life energies and a new Saviour is created.



  • Ability to heal wounds and sickness rapidly.
  • They have the ability to fly.
  • Able to hide their wings from the naked eye.
  • Superhuman strength
  • Can sense a person's life energy

Magic ArtifactsEdit


Saviours carry talismans shaped like crosses. They do not have a "religion" even though people usually refer to them as "angels". Using them, they have better concentration and mental balance.

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List of SavioursEdit

List of Saiours

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