Alice is a shaman. She is a fourteen year old girl who likes cats a lot.

Alice Gallion
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Alice is someone who gets easl\ily bored. She cares for her family a lot. she never had a single friend so she's not very friendly with strangers


Back when I was a child, I lived a normal life.Funny how a simple event destroyed my once peaceful life. I was just 10 when it happened. I was alone inside my house. My parents were away bacause my brother got into some kind of accident. My mother told me to stay home, to defend the house in case robbers came. I have no idea how I can defend the house from robbers since I was just 10 but I didn't argue with my mom. It was boring being alone inside the house with nothing to do. I fall asleep immediately. I dreamed about my brother.

"Help me Alice!" He told me.

"Why? Are you in danger? Are there robbers following you or something?"

"No it's worst than that. I need your help. There are things which I cannnot explain following me. They want my necklace.Please Alice help me."

I woke up immediately dress up then head straight to my brother. Weird though. My parents didn't told me where he is but I seem to know the way. When I reach the place I saw that it was an abandon house. What could my brother be doing here? I have no idea until I saw them. I can't see them very well as if they were blurred. I immediately help my brother. I was surprise because suddenly I have some supernatural powers that i never knew I had.

After that my brother gave me his necklace.

"Run Alice! They only want the necklaceyou better go."

"What about you?" I asked him.

"Don't worry about me." I said goodbye to my brother and left. The necklace seems to be guiding me the way towards somewhere. The necklace lead me the way here.

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