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Grim Grinning Ghost

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Alice - Animate
-The Grim Grinning Ghost

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Well, hello.

Alison Grace - Alice
The Grim Grinning Ghost
Important Information
Gender Female
Family Bert Grace (Father)

Matilda Grace (Sister)

Charlie "Copper" Grace (Brother)

Elizabeth Grace (Mother)

Status Undead
Eye Color Black
Hair Color White
Height 5' 9"
Affiliation Paranormal Investigation Bureau

Willard Insane Asylum

Mount Ivy Asylum for the Mentally Insane

Weapons None
Class Animate
Home New York, New York


In 1928, Alison Grace was a part-time waitress at a local diner in New York City. When she wasn't working at the diner, she was singing at a lounge called "The Fifth Ace Jazz Club". One evening, a married man named Harvey Johnson offered to buy her a drink to reward her for her show. The two really hit it off. Harvey began showing up at every show and afterwards, bought her a drink. After a few weeks, they began an affair. The affair lasted for almost a year. Slowly, Harvey began to pull away from Alison.

Alice discovered that he was having an affair with another woman, and confronted him. He argued with her for hours. At the end of which, he decided to get rid of her by suing her for every penny to her name. Harvey told his wife that Alice was stalking him and harrassing him, so the affair was never discovered. Alison was bankrupt. She pleaded that she was his lover, but everyone dismissed her and believed Harvey. Thinking she was absolutely obsessed, she was taken to a mental hopsital in New York named the Willard Insane Asylum.

After four years at Willard, Alison became deranged. She was quiet sometimes, then loud nd chaotic, then quiet again. After a prolonged period of silence, she finally cracked. In a mental fit, she killed two guards and her roomate. Alison was moved to an asylum for the more intensely mental, called Mount Ivy. Alison was incarcerated at Mount Ivy for two years, when she was visited by Mordecai Jacobs, a witch. Mordecai interviewed her, seeking a new assistant. After a month of visits, he left.

After one attempted murder and attempted suicide, Alison was sentanced to death. She was killed at Mount Ivy, poisoned by toxic gas. When Mordecai heard of this, he got an idea to make Alison an animate. He successfully resurrected Alison and gave her a new alias:

Her name was Alice. She was a singer who died of pneumonia when she was 24.

She's worked for Mordecai and the Jacobs family ever since.


Alice is very cheery and oblivious to the fact that she's dead, with small hints of crazy.


Alice used to have light blonde hair and green-ish eyes. She was tall, lean and slim.
  • Alice's brother and sister, 10 years after her death, doing the jitterbug

Now that she's dead, she has white hair and snow-white skin. Her eyes are pur black, matching her lips and a scar that starts at her lip and goes to her cheekbone. She's thin, and not in a good way.


  • Strength
  • Regrowth of limbs and apendages
  • Can't die unless lifeforce is taken


Name 'Relation Feelings
Harvey Johnson Former Lover He left me for dead. Literally.
Mordecai Jacobs Master / Friend He gave me new life, a second chance. He is my best and sometimes only friend. He never lies to me - ever.
Bartholomew Patterson Interest He's a real hoppin' guy!
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